Travelling trough Asia

One year ago I would have never thought I would be here, and more happy than I have ever been. (I'm writing this post in English so you and I can both practice english... Sounds good? Yes!). At the moment I'm in Cambodia, travelling, alone - but never alone (travelling alone is the most social thing I have ever done). I'm visiting old temples, get around in a tuk tuk, eat local food, dance on the streets with locals and loving the live. I'm really getting to know myself, and now I know how I got here, travelling, happy, even though I'm pretty introvert and scared of lots of things.

The key for me was, not being afraid of your fears. I'm afraid of lots and lots of things. Uncountable. Lots of social things aswell: I get pain in my stomach often when I attend to parties and stuff like that. But I'm not going to let my fear stop me from things I would like to do. Travelling in Asia sounded always good, but dead scary. But I'm trying to live a life without regretting too much.

In about one and a half month I will be back in Holland, starting my studies (Sociology) and hopefully living in or close to Amsterdam. I might start a new blog (in dutch probably... Haha!) because I still love writing. Finished three diaries while travelling, so almost every three monts a diary.

Anyway, probably no one will read it, but if you do, I'm proud. Just know that being scared of stuff is normal, it is just the way you handle it.

Lots of love xx

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jawel hoor ik las dit ;D
    Ik was super blij dat ik zag dat je weer iets nieuws had geschreven. Ik kijk er naar uit om terug wat meer van je te lezen!

  2. Ik lees het! Ik lees het! Vaak reageer ik niet, maar ik ben nog steeds een hele trouwe volger :) Je schrijft zo leuk en na 2 jaar (zo lang alweer?!) van volgen heb ik het idee gekregen je echt een beetje te kennen. Dus ga vooral door met schrijven! En wat zul je daar een avonturen meemaken zeg, jeetje. Lijkt me zo geweldig! Hoe financier je dit eigenlijk allemaal als ik vragen mag? Werk je telkens op de plek waar je bent, of heb je heel veel gespaard?